Front Squat

Friday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: Front Squat build up to heavy 2 THEN 3x1 7 Minute AMRAP 4 Front Squats(80% of 2) 3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups 4 Rounds 8 RDL's (same bar) 12 DB Glute … See the entire WOD...


Screen Shot of Steel Bridge Weightlifting Club Website image of Portland Steel Bridge

Please Refer to the Steel Bridge Weightlifting website for updated … Read more

Strength & Conditioning

Jeff Cal Row Erg Bridgetown CrossFit strength and conditioning portland oregon


Bridgetown Strength and Conditioning Strength Snatch: 8x3 Squat + Face Pull + Press: 8x6 Conditioning 500m Repeat … Read more

CrossFit Football

HEx Bar Deadlift Kelly Bridgetown CrossFit Portland OR

Hex Bar

Monday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: Hex Bar Deadlift build up to heavy 5 THEN 5x2 Erg Sprints 250m Row rest 40 seconds 125m Row rest 20 seconds … Read more