Basic Barbell Bridgetown Portland, OR Windmill

Seated Press and Turkish Get-ups

Wednesday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: Shoulder Prep 3 Rounds Arm Bar 6/6 Windmill 4/4 Seated Press build up to heavy 7 THEN 3x5 3 Rounds NOT for Time 7 Seated Press (85% of 7) 4/4 … See the entire WOD...


Bridgetown Barbell Weightlifting Reunion of Dave, Rich, Ben ad Ian

Olympic Weightlifting Program Bridgetown Barbell Club Week 15 Day … Read more

Strength & Conditioning

Neil Wall Ball Bridgetown CrossFit Portland, OR

Wall Ball and Burpees

Bridgetown Basic Barbell Strength Training Hex Bar Deadlift: 7x5 Floor Press: 7x5 Band Pull Aparts: 7x 8/8 Conditioning 8 Minute AMRAP 4 Burpees 8 Wall Balls … Read more

CrossFit Football

Johnnie WOD is replacing CrossFit Football at Bridgetown Barbell Club

Johnnie WOD

Week 2 Day 2 Strength Hex Bar Deadlift 3x 5 +10lbs from last week STRICT PULL UPS 3 Sets Max Reps Rest 3-5 minutes between sets. Conditioning "Fight Gone Fucked" 3 Rounds of 1 Minute … Read more