Bridgetown CrossFit Gym Portland Oregon One Arm KB Swing

One Arm KB Swings

Wednesday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD 12 Minute AMRAP 6 One Arm Swings - Non Dominate 6 One Arm Squat - Non Dominate 6 One Arm Swings - Dominate 6 One Arm Squats - Dominate 12 Close Stance … See the entire WOD...


Werksan Plates and women's bar Bridgetown Barbell Club

Olympic Weightlifting Program Bridgetown Barbell Club Week 3 Day … Read more

Strength & Conditioning

Floor Press with Hex Deads Bridgetown Barbell Strength and Conditioning Portland OR

Hex Bar Deadlift

Bridgetown Basic Barbell Strength Training Hex Bar Deadlift: 5x5 Floor Press: 5x5 Seated Band Pull Apart: 5x 6/6 Conditioning 11 AMRAP 200m Run 7 Burpees … Read more

CrossFit Football

Johnnie WOD is replacing CrossFit Football at Bridgetown Barbell Club

Johnnie WOD

Strength Back Squats 3x5 Press 3x5 Conditioning 10 Rounds for Time 10 to 1 Back Squat (185#/125#) 10 to 1 Dynamic Push-ups … Read more