todd blake hip thrust

Lower Body Day! YES!!!

Friday's Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: Hip Thrust work up to heavy double THEN 80% 4x4 Conditioning 4 Prowler Doubles … See the entire WOD...


Maria Olympic Weightlifting Program Bridgetown Barbell Club Portland

Bridgetown Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Program Week 11 Test … Read more

Strength & Conditioning

Vall Press Max CrossFit Football Power Athlete Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club

Strength and Conditioning

Bridgetown Basic Barbell Strength Push Press:5x5 Windmill: 5x 6/6 Conditioning 8 Prowler … Read more

CrossFit Football

CrossFit Football Power Athlete Shit or Get off the Pot

CrossFit Football | Fight Gone Worse

Off-Season Strength Collegiate Power Clean 1 RM Conditioning Fight Gone Worse Complete three rounds of 1 minute at each station. Rest 1 minute between rounds. 50 … Read more