Monday, May 6, 2019

Somewhere along the line, every athlete or exerciser will experience some shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is often a result of a weakness or inability of the scapula to stabilize on the back side and tightness from the pecs on the front. With traditional CrossFit programming, there’s a lot of horizontal pushing and not a lot of horizontal PULLING. But not at Bridgetown CrossFit! We’ve been incorporating horizontal pulling into our WODs since day one, back in 2011. Today’s exercise combination will help to turn on and strengthen the smaller muscles essential to overall shoulder health.

Shoulder Prep:
2 Rounds
15 Scap Ring Rows
5/5 Windmills
3/3 Arm Bar
1/1 Turkish Get-up


Work Blocks: 2:30 On / 1:30 Rest
11 Ring Rows
2/2 Turkish Get-ups
With remaining time AMRAP DB Snatch with TGU weight

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