Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Today’s workout is a Bridgetown CrossFit take on CompTrain’s “Jelly Belly” WOD focusing on the Mid-line. While, “Jelly Belly” has AbMat and Assault Bike movements we’ve incorporated one of our favorite pieces of equipment, the dumbbell. Making it a more versatile workout for the at home CrossFitter too.

Stabilization is the name of the game here. Make sure the back flat and the hips are square while doing the Renegade Rows. Pushing down into one dumbbell while lifting the other can help provide that cross stabilization. There is no getting away from the work here. Pay your dues.

When the mid-line gets stronger, you can move more weight with the same perceived exertion as before, thus getting stronger. Mid-ling stabilization provides strength in supporting the torso effectively, allowing you to generate more overall force. Have you ever seen a prized boxer with a flabby midsection? A boxer needs to be able to not only deliver powerful hits but absorb them as well. So embrace the struggle today and come out stronger!

Hex Bar Deadlift
Build up to heavy 10
THEN 3×6

For Time:
10 Deadlifts (90% of 10), 10/10 Renegade Rows, 10 Pinch Sit-ups
8 Deadlifts (90% of 10), 15/15 Renegade Rows, 15 Pinch Sit-ups
6 Deadlifts (90% of 10), 20/20 Renegade Rows, 20 Pinch Sit-ups
4 Deadlifts (90% of 10), 25/25 Renegade Rows, 25 Pinch Sit-ups
2 Deadlifts (90% of 10), 30/30 Renegade Rows, 30 Pinch Sit-ups

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