Power Cleans

January 2, 2019

build up to a max Power Clean

5 Rounds
2 Power Clean (85% of 1)
3 Push-ups
5 Air Squats

12 Minute AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (75% of 1)
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats

Today’s WOD has a maximal attempt of the Power Clean. This means work-up appropriately to the heaviest weight you can do. While building, focus on setting up the same way for each lift. That means the approach to the bar at 55% and 85% should look no different from across the room.

Will a maximal effort be perfect? Probably not.

Will a maximal effort be hard? Maybe. Using good mechanics can provide the feeling of weightlessness, poor mechanics can make it feel heavier than it is.

Does a sloppy lift count? Sure! This doesn’t mean you should stop either. Think about what went wrong. Is that something you think you can improve? If so give it another go!

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