Training vs Competing

June 28, 2019

Friday’s Bridgetown CrossFit WOD is a very long AMRAP. Instead of plowing right thru it, take time to pay attention to what it is you are doing. Sure pushing thru quickly will get you sweaty and be a ‘good workout’ but you can do better than that, this is a training session. On the row, pay attention to your cadence, drive with the legs, then body and arms and breath on the recovery back. You should strive for 1:3 Work: Recovery. With the Turkish Get-ups focus on moving well under the weight, arm straight and externally rotated the entire time. Chest to Bar Pull-ups should be completed as strict pull-up for as long as possible before resorting to the kip. Every time we do pull-ups it’s an opportunity to improve your capacity. Don’t try to just ‘get by’ with doing the minimal amount of work, save that for competition, today is about getting better.


The focus of training should be maintaining a high quality of movement while pushing the intensity. The goal here is to be better for tomorrow or the next opportunity to compete. This is the most effective way to train for physical adaptations and improve your overall GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Here you scale hard to perform movements to things that will provide a similar stimulus that will help you get better with the movement you are struggling with.


Competing is when things can get a little sloppy, your technique is sure to break down, but so long as the rep counts, you’re good. Competition is a different mindset than training or practice. You want to see how hard you can push yourself. This comes in the form of a benchmark WOD, actual competition or max-out sessions. Afterwards, you are spent, you gave it your all and need to refuel.


Well, what about those movements that I’m not good at? How do I incorporate them? PRACTICE. Practice is making a conscious effort to perform a movement perfectly each rep. This is what warm-up sets are for! We occasionally program a workout that is “not for time”, this is a great time to practice those challenging skills. Another opportunity is when you are working up to a “heavy” for the day. This is a chance to slow down and focus on skills and technique. It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, practice is something you can do on your own, Sunday’s are a great time for practice.


30 Minute AMRAP
90 Seconds Row
1/1 Turkish Get-up
3 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Score = Distance Rowed

How knowing what your training for can have a HUGE impact on how your performance: Red Bull Article The Science of Training Intention

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