Thanksgiving Hours

November 22, 2015

Worried about burning the Turkey? Family in town? Let out holiday stress at the gym.

We will be OPEN on Thanksgiving.

Thursday : 10, 11 and Noon
Friday: Noon ONLY

If you will be on the road check out some of the workouts we’ve done that require minimal equipment: Travel WOD Options.

“WOW I feel great! I didn’t over eat at all.”, said No One Ever, after a Thanksgiving meal.

Remember YOU are in charge of what you eat. While Thanksgiving has turned into a holiday of gluttony, you can still make good choices for yourself.

If possible use this meal and the rest of the weekend as a time to experiment with new foods and/or recipes you’ve been meaning to try.  If making a dish for a group, take copies of the recipe with you and some  index cards to write down the recipes of dishes you enjoy… or message/e-mail them at the table with your smart phones.

Real Food Thanksgiving

If you are waiting ‘get in shape’ before joining, stop wasting time and simply start today!

Out of town drop-in fee is $20.






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