Bridgetown Sign Challenge

February 13, 2017

You may have already noticed the large sign billboard up on Interstate between the intersections of N. Albina and N. Mississippi that says “Strong is Sexy” – well that’s ours!!

As of today February 13, 2017 we are starting the Bridgetown Sign Challenge. The contest runs thru March 3rd. Take a picture of the sign – preferably one with you it as it’s and easy way to get 15 points! Please don’t text and drive!!! Post and watch the likes roll in.

The winner will get to design a workout for a Bridgetown coach to perform, March 6th at 1pm and will be live streamed via Facebook Live. Winner need not be a current member =)

Official Rules:

1. Take a Picture or Selfie with the sign.

2. Post on Instagram and/or Facebook

3. Include #BridgetownSexy and tag @bridgetowncrossfit

4. Likes on shared or re-posted images by others will count towards your score so long as YOU are tagged and #BridgetownSexy is included.

4. Multiple posts are permitted.

Highest score as of 9pm Friday March 3rd wins.
Score = 1 point for every like + 15 points for every recognizable face* in the photo

*back of some dudes head does not count

Good Luck!!

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