Second Phase of Facility Development

October 8, 2012

We are happy to announce that the second phase of facility development has begun! The arrival and installation of the Werksan weightlifting equipment marked the end of the first phase of development (OK, there are still some pull boxes to be built, etc). We chose to start our facility with a core of squat racks and extensive free weights because, well, THE BARBELL IS KING in the world of strength and conditioning and we firmly believe the majority of results our athletes see are rooted in cold steel.

However, as you all well know we also love our body-weight movements! The second phase of construction will create an extensive network of pull-up stations and ring anchors as well as at least ten regulation wall ball targets (a gymnastic canopy if you will).

New Pull-up Rig for Bridgetown CrossFit

As can be seen in the CAD image, the green areas will provide higher pullup bars that can easily accommodate our larger athletes as well as a ladder for parallel grip pull-ups of various widths. Parallel grip pull-ups are easier to perform than the standard pull-up or chin-up and thus are an excellent tool for developing pulling strength for novices. Experienced athletes benefit from parallel grip pull-ups as well, the better leverage allows for higher volume sets and greater resistance for weighted pull-ups.

The dark green bars near the ceiling will be anchors for rings. This set-up will provide 10 ring stations and open up a large array of exercises to classes, including the near mythical MUSCLE-UP!

Finally, I am sure everyone is thrilled to see the red and yellow crossbeams that will bring the 10 foot wall ball target into the cozy confines of the gym where we can use them ALL YEAR LONG!

We are excited about the new possibilities this new structure will be bring to everyone’s training. Importantly, this structure will greatly increase the number of people we can easily and safely accommodate during a class. We have recently crossed the 100 member mark and it is our priority to maintain the quality of training for all members whatever their experience level. This new structure will greatly assist in that task.


Progress as of October 12, 2012 :

BCBC Pull-up Wall Ball rig


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