Dumbbell Push-up to Row Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell CLub Renegade Row

On the Minute

Front Squat build up to heavy 7 THEN 4x413 Minutes on the Minute ODD: 3 Front Squats (85% of 7)EVEN: 7 Dumbbell Push-up to Row PRIME: 7 Wallballs … See the entire WOD...


Screen Shot of Steel Bridge Weightlifting Club Website image of Portland Steel Bridge

Please Refer to the Steel Bridge Weightlifting website for updated … Read more

Strength & Conditioning

Heidi KB Swing basic Barbell Conditioning WOD at Bridgetown CrossFit

Tuesday 9/9/2019

Strength Training Snatch Progression: 8x3 Squat + Face Pull: 8x8Conditioning 8 Minute AMRAP 8 KB Swings Burpee Ladder* *Star with 1 burpee, add a burpee every round. How high up the "ladder" can you climb? … Read more

CrossFit Football

Rowing on the erg at Bridgetown Crossfit Portland OR

Row and Squat

Bridgetown CrossFit WOD: For Time: Row 1000m 75 Air Squat Row 1000m 75 Air Squat Row 1000m … Read more

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