Home for Summer? College Athletes Train Here

June 10, 2019

Students: home for the Summer?

Being a college athlete is great however, summer break can throw a wrench in the progress you’ve been making all year. Don’t let that happen this year. Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club is your place to train and stay on track. The gym is equipped with everything you would find in a college weight room, and more. Our staff consists of a former collegiate strength coach and D-1 athlete. We get it!!

We are offering a student-athlete package for the summer to help you stay on track and maybe even exceed your coaches expectations when you return to school.

Call 502-281-1083 or e-mail Jay@bridgetowncrossfit.com to set up a review.

Student-Athlete training privileges are granted after a successful review of summer training program (issued by school training staff) and interview with Bridgetown coaching staff.

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