Johnnie WOD Week 3 Monday

October 31, 2016

CrossFit Football is now Johnnie WOD

We are two weeks into the free trial of Johnnie WOD, so far we like what we see. We are going to continue to use this program as an opportunity for our clients to change their training stimulus. Are you interested in jumping in? Let Erin or Jay know and we’ll decide when good time to join in would be!

Back Squat: add 5lbs to last week 3×5Johnnie WOD is replacing CrossFit Football at Bridgetown Barbell Club
Press: add 2.5 lbs to last week 3×5

5 Rounds For Time:
10/10 Bulgarian Split Squats
5 Shin Hops or 5 Broad Jumps for Distance
20 Plyo Skies

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