June 26, 2020

Warm-up Flow
Arm Wrestling with Band (1 minute per)
– face the rack
– face away
– arm behind the back
Band Hamstring
3 Sets
Hollow Holds (20 seconds)
Superman (20 seconds)
2 Minutes
Down Dog – Push-up – T – Lizard

Floor Press
build up to heavy 3

5 Rounds
5 Floor Press (80% of 3)

12 Minute On the Minute
12-18 Kettle Bell Swing

At Home Workout
8 minutes
Tabata Style (20 seconds on/10 seconds off )
Star Jump
Sit & Twist Sit-ups

We are slowly re-opening to those clients that continued to make payments throughout the stay at home shut down or have a punch card that was used within 14 days of closing. It’s our hope to allow those member the privilege to train in a safe environment, by keeping out numbers low as we navigate re-opening. Tentative plan is to open up to other clients after the county moves to phase 2 .

We are going to offer training windows. 6-9am Monday – Wednesday – Friday and 2-7pm M-T-Th-Friday and one day on the weekend TBD more likey Sunday.

Please reach out to us about your preferred training times.

I don’t have an online reservation system yet – but the plan is to limit the room to 8 people at a time.

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