Push-Up to Row Sandwich

June 12, 2019

Today’s Bridgetown CrossFit WOD includes the much dreaded Dumbbell Thruster. Why it’s dreaded, we’re not sure, as according to Men’s Health, BarBend, it’s one of THE most effective exercises out there. The use of dumbbells in any workout is going to force you to stabilize more than using a barbell would. The independent stimulus will expose weakness and asymmetries that a barbell would otherwise mask. If you truly want to get better at a movement, give it a go with dumbbells.

For this workout, the weight for the Thrusters and Push-up to Rows are the same. If you thruster it easily but struggle to row, it’s time to address the mid-back and at more horizontal pulling (strict ring row, KB rows, sled pulls, Yate’s row, ect.) to your daily grind. If the row is easier but the thrusters are gassing you out, it’s time to check in with your front squat and pressing capacity .

Crossfit is by definiatio, constantly varied functional movement. You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes, it is better to move away from traditional CrossFit programming and address a weakness with dedicated strength training and then return to the CrossFit area, stronger and faster than before.

For time:
25 DB Thrusters
400m Run
25 DB Push-up to Row
400m Run
25 DB Thrusters

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