Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting comprises of 2 movements: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club provides the highest quality coaching in the sport of weightlifting in the Portland area. All instruction in weightlifting is performed by either an USAW advanced level coach (Jay Tieder) or a national-level athlete (Erin (Zwier) Tieder). No other facility in the Portland area can claim a similar level of coaching expertise and over 10 years of national event experience.

Jay does private coaching and one-on-one sessions to discuss programming, trouble shoot problem areas, and how to improve technical mistakes. Jay@bridgetowncrossfit.com

We provide a periodic clinic in weightlifting technique for non-members, E-mail: Contact@BridgetownCrossFit.com for the next date.

Further evidence of our commitment to providing superior instruction in the sport of weightlifting is our distinction of being a satellite gym for the East Coast Gold weightlifting team, which is the largest weightlifting team in America. We are honored to be vetted by this prestigious organization and privileged to call some of the very best weightlifting athletes and coaches in the country our colleagues.

We are always looking to develop new athletes to lift for our team. East Coast Gold provides generous support and incentives for its national-level lifters. So, if you are serious about weightlifting competition, you will have access to one of the best support networks available for American lifters

All members of Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club have the option to participate in full-time weightlifting training or combine weightlifting instruction with either CrossFit or CrossFit Football training. Additionally, we provide a periodic 3 hour workshop in weightlifting technique for non-members. Finally, we offer a select scholarship program for athletes interest in full commitment to the sport of weightlifting.

Contact us today about how you can get started! Contact@BridgetownCrossFit.com

Please Refer to the Steel Bridge Weightlifting website for updated weightlifting programming:


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Week 4 Wednesday

October 11, 2017
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Week 5 Wednesday

October 11, 2017

Olympic Weightlifting Program Bridgetown Barbell Club Week 5 Day3 Hang Snatch Pull; mid-thigh + Hang Snatch; knee + Snatch (% Snatch) 55/2x 3+2+1 65/2+2+1 70/2+2+1 75/2+1+1 80/3x 2+1+1 84/2x 1+1+1 Front Squat 55/5 65/4 70/3 75/2 80/1 85/3×3 90/2×2 Overhead Squat (% Snatch) 65/5 70/4 75/3 80/2 85/4×2 75/2×4

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