Thanksgiving Hours at Bridgetown CrossFit

November 15, 2017

Worried about burning the Turkey? Family in town? Let out holiday stress at the gym.

We will be OPEN on Thanksgiving.

Thursday: 10-Noon
Friday: Noon-2pm
Saturday: 10, 11
Sunday: 10 – 1pm

If you will be on the road check out some of the workouts we’ve done that require minimal equipment: Travel WOD Options. Out of town drop-in fee is $25.

“WOW I feel great! I didn’t over eat at all.”, said No One Ever, after a Thanksgiving meal.

Remember YOU are in charge of what you eat. While Thanksgiving has turned into a holiday of gluttony, you can still make good choices for yourself.

If possible use this meal and the rest of the weekend as a time to experiment with new foods and/or recipes you’ve been meaning to try.  If making a dish for a group, take copies of the recipe with you and some  index cards to write down the recipes of dishes you enjoy. Let us know what you’re eating #BridgetownCrossFitEats

If you are waiting ‘get in shape’ before joining, stop wasting time and simply start today!

Out of town drop-in fee is $25.






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