Training Options

At Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club we offer several different training programs. Which one addresses your needs? If you don’t know, we can help you with that.



We proudly offer “Main Page” or classic-style CrossFit training which is an extremely effective means of increasing work capacity across broad modal and time domains. The CrossFit methodology is scalable to all ability levels and emphasizes the use of a wide range of functional movements presented in a constantly varying pattern. With consistent application, CrossFit training yields remarkable results in an individual’s fitness levels across a wide range of categories. A great starting point for any fitness level.

CrossFit Football

A variant of the CrossFit methodology that emphasizes consistent strength training, sprinting, change of direction drills, and short, power-oriented metabolic training. This programming is suitable for anyone who is interested in being more powerful and/or desires more multi-planar and athletic training.


The only barbell sport contested in the Olympics. It consists of two lifts: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. Our Weightlifting program will provide individuals with detailed coaching in the performance of these lifts as well as strength and conditioning training relevant to the sport. Coach Tieder is an advanced level coach with USAW, the governing body of Weightlifting in America.

Strength and Conditioning for Athletic Performance

This product is customized for individuals seeking improvement in specific areas of athletic performance. Coach Tieder has over ten years experience as a Division IA Strength and Conditioning coach and has coached more than a thousand athletes competing in wide range of sports at the high school to international level. This programming is applicable to high school, collegiate, and professional athletes and can be modified for special scenarios such as combine preparation.

Personal Training

As a personal training client you will receive a detailed movement assessment, individualized programming, training in nutritional record keeping, and nutrition log tracking and analysis. With this service one can expect improvements in mobility, strength, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and body composition. Furthermore, our personal training services are tailored to the specific needs of the individual. We are particularly experienced in helping individuals with:

  • Recovery from sports-related injury and/or surgery (in conjunction with your medical professional)
  • Body composition change (both fat loss and lean body mass gain)
  • Specialized preparation for athletic competition or combines

Our personal training service is by appointment only and we strive to accommodate your schedule.