Crossfit Kids

CrossFit KidsBridgetown CrossFit Kids Girls

CrossFit Kids is a 30minute  instructor led class containing a warm-up, skill/movement review and workout geared towards middle school age kids.

Summer Classes are offered Tuesday 10:30-11
The cost is $25/class or 10 Classes for $200.

In addition to our weekly CrossFit Kids Class we offer CrossFit Kids  Play Dates.

A Play Date is a 20-45 minute  semi-private session for children 4-13 in age, coordinated by the parents to take place at their convenience. Kids 14+ are welcomed to participate in our regular classes.

Kids Classes and Play Dates are a fun way for children to be stimulated, learn how to use their bodies, enhance motor skills, and neurological development under the guise of “playing”.

If you are interested in coordinating a CrossFit Kids Play Date for your child, children or a small group, please e-mail Erin to get started


Weightlifting for Teens

Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club offers the most experienced Olympic weightlifting coaching staff in Portland. Teens (13+) are introduced to the barbell in a progressive fashion starting with a bamboo stick. Emphasis is on teaching the fundamentals, safe positions, and technique, not the amount of weight on the bar.  Weight is the reward for quality movements.

Children are at less risk of injury participating in weightlifting than the majority of “safe” sports.  Brent Pourciau’s article “Olympic Lifting Safe Greater Performance Benefit for Children” has a great list of reference articles to support weightlifting is not only SAFE but produces better results that traditional resistance training.

One study in particular found Olympic Lifting to be more beneficial for children than any other form of resistance training. Here is an excerpt from this study:

The most important finding in the present study was that 12 weeks of Olympic WeightLifting (OWL) or plyometric training were generally equal to or more effective for enhancing performance than traditional Resistance Training (RT) for male youth. In summary, OWL training was likely to provide better improvements than plyometric training for CMJ, horizontal jump and 5 and 20-m sprint times while exceeding traditional RT for balance and isokinetic power300 (1).

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We perform a free assessment and then suggest a training module to match.  If you are interested in getting your teen started with the life long sport of Olympic Weightlifting, please e-mail Jay to schedule an assessment or discuss training options: