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May 1, 2017

If you are looking to ‘get in shape’ before joining, stop wasting time and just jump in, there is no time like the present! Quite dragging your feet and making excuses for why you can’t and tell your self YOU CAN!Basic Barbell Ball Slam

It’s time to get started with Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club.

During each class, there is a comprehensive warm-up and mobility session, the workout, and usually a stretching session at the end. All classes are directed by a coach. Detailed instruction is given to all participants and workouts are modified to individual skill and ability levels. No need for a beginners class, individual training or an On Ramp class.

If you are not already a member fill out the form below for free trial class.

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CrossFit Class is only offered at 6am and 7am at this time. Monday - Wednesday - Friday
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“I continue to get stronger and slowly correct all the poor health/nutritional decisionsSnatch Pause AT knee I’ve been making my entire life with BCBC cheering me on. Regardless of your athletic level, background, and/or gender, there is no judgement in this gym and that is something I really appreciate. Erin and Jay make a great workout environment for their clients and encourage you to do your best. Workouts are modified as needed because lets face it, not everyone can easily lift 200lbs with their pinky finger or run 1000 miles a day like those monsters on television. Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.” E. H.


“There is no other CrossFit gym in Portland that can offer this level of instruction in how to move correctly with barbell. Clean Pull at Bridgetown Barbell ClubTired of your gym’s “Any A**hole WODs” (as in “anyone could have written this on paper”), or the two weeks straight of Hero WODs (they have their place–but not for two weeks straight)? Tired of moving ineffectively through your clean&jerk and your snatch, constantly tweaking your back or shoulder in these lifts, or wondering why your gym doesn’t teach these lifts at all?  Then you need to come to Bridgetown. Amazed at how Jay & Erin can take a person with no exposure to these lifts at all and in short order, teach them how to move a barbell properly.” B. P.


“The trainers at this gym are not only some of the most knowledgeable around, Katie Turkish Get-ups Bridgetown CrossFit Strength and Conditioningthey really, truly, care about the their members. Jay and Erin realize the trust their members place in them when they choose them as their gym/their trainers. They also have a truly unique ability to encourage and make comfortable those who are entering a gym for the first time ever in their lives as well as challenge those who have a strong athletic background. I’ve never encountered trainers who take equal delight in seeing someone do their first ever (proper) squat as they do when someone power cleans 250 pounds. As someone who has long been searching for the “right” fit in a gym and in an exercise/training/fitness program, I have finally found my home. Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club is the best around, hands down.” S.M.


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