How do I get Started?

December 1, 2014

It’s time! You’ve decided to invest in your heath and well-being by starting a new fitness regime. Commercial gyms will try to lure you in with discounted yearly memberships for access to their equipment, but provide you with no guidance or instruction. For that you will need to pay a “Personal Trainer” who charges much more an hour then we do per class (check out our rates).

 If you are looking to ACTUALLY make a change, then INVEST in yourself and become a member of Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club.


We provide an authentic strength and conditioning environment for a wide variety of clients and athletes, with methodologies based on a significant understanding of exercise physiology and steeped in the gritty history of barbell training.

Our expert coaching staff can challenge the most accomplished strength athletes and encourage the most uncertain of novices. Classes are one hour and includes instructor lead mobility work, warm-up, and coaching throughout the entire workout.  You provide the effort.  If you are not ready for something we will give you a substitute movement designed to help you progress to the next level. Consistency is the key. Keep showing up and you will be amazed.

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Bridgetown Cross Fit Gym Portland OR Yelp Review       Bridgetown CrossFit PDX Mercury Approved 2012

How do I sign up?

Adam Headstand Until you try

Pick a date and time that work for you to come and experience a class.  Fill out the form below so we know your coming. When you come we’ll ask you to fill out a waiver form and you’ll participate in on of our classes.  Don’t worry, you aren’t too out of shape to give it a try.

Every one of our members started off as that person afraid to walk thru the door.


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