Bridgetown Crossfit and Barbell ClubFacility Corner

Bridgetown CrossFit and Barbell Club is located at 740 N Russell Street, on the south-east corner of  N. Albina Street and N. Russell Street.

The facility includes a reception area, main floor for training  8 work stations, 6 feet apart, 2,000 sq ft. fenced-in outside space, a dedicated Olympic Weightlifting area, kitchenette, men’s and women’s restrooms. No showers.


Work Stations

Each station is equipped with:

-power rack
-plate rack holding 2.5lb up to 55lb Rogue plates
-two 45lb (20kg) bars
-one 33lb (15kg) bar
-pull up bar (normal and thick bar)
-gymnastic rings
-Rogue Matador Adjustable Dip Bar

Other Equipment Includes:

Pit Shark
Reverse Hyper
Hamstring Curl
(2) 45 degree Back Extensions
2 Outdoor Prowlers
2 Indoor Sleds
6 Concept 2 Ergs
Med Balls: (2) 10lb, (6) 14lb, (6) 20lb, (2) 30lb
Hex Bars: (8) 50lbs and (4) 75lbs
Slam Balls: (3) 16lbs, (4) 25lbs, (2) 40lbs
Dumbbells: 12 of each: 25lb, 35lb, 45lb, 55lb
Kettle Bells: (4) 8kg, (4) 10kg, (4) 12kg, (8) 16kg, (4) 20kg, (8) 24kg, (4) 32kg, (2) 40kg

Additional 1500lbs of steel plates and bumpers

Specialty Bars:
Rogue Log Bar
(2)Rogue Multi Grip Bars; MG-1, MG-3
(1) 45lb Axel Bar
(4) EliteFTS Safety Squat Yoke Bars
(1) Cambered Duffalo Bar


Bridgetown Barbell Club Weightlifting AreaOlympic Weightlifting

Jerk Blocks
2 Werksan Platforms
(3) 20kg Werksan Bars
(2) 20kg DHL Bars
(1) 20kg Eleiko Bar
(2) 15kg Werksan Bars
(2) 15kg DHL Bars
(2) 15kg American Bars
(1) 5kg Training Bar
(1) 10kg Junior Training Bar
2 sets of Werksan plates + additional 25kg plates
2 Sets HiTech Technique Plates
2.5kg and 5kg  Eleiko Training Plates
Adjustable Pull Blocks